Q Fever Community Awareness Kit

This kit provides practical suggestions and resources for how you can raise awareness of Q fever in your community.

The purpose of this Q fever resource kit

  1. To increase the rural community’s awareness and understanding of Q fever and its potential impact on individuals and families. 
  2. To provide useful educational resources and other practical tools for the rural community designed to help reduce the disease burden of Q fever in Australia.

The kit contains shareable images to help raise awareness of Q fever, including first-hand accounts from patients describing what it’s like to live through both acute and chronic stages of Q fever. The kit contains banner ads to promote these first-hand stories through community email campaigns and on social media.

Thank you for your interest in Q fever and for supporting your community with Q fever awareness and education.

This package includes relevant assets you may wish to use for educational purposes to help reduce the burden of Q fever in Australia.

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Date of preparation: 09/23 AU-QVAX-23-0028

Other Resources

In this video, Australian vet Dr. Bonny Cumming explores the connection between the environment, animals, and communities. Learn about the influence of environmental factors on Q fever and the importance of a holistic approach.

Think you may be at risk of Q fever?

Any medical practitioner can provide Q fever advice.
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