How to perform a Q-VAX® skin test


The aim of the pre-vaccination blood and skin tests is to check for evidence of prior exposure to Coxiella burnetii;1,2

  • The pre-vaccination blood test (or serological test) is performed to check for the presence of antibodies to Coxiella burnetii antigens (i.e. a positive test reveals the presence of antibodies to Coxiella burnetii antigens);1,2
  • The pre-vaccination skin test – conducted using Q-VAX® Skin Test involves exposing the patient to a small amount of purified, killed Coxiella burnetii and then checking for evidence of an immune response, which would be indicative of prior exposure – and sensitisation – to Coxiella burnetii antigens.1,3

Using Q-VAX® Skin Test

The Q-VAX® Skin Test vial is packaged with a plastic tear away cap covering the vial septum; do not use if the tear away cap is damaged or missing.

1. ENSURE that a blood sample for the patient’s pre-vaccination blood test has been scheduled. The blood test can be done on the same day as the Q-VAX® Skin Test.3

NOTE: There is no need to conduct the Q-VAX® Skin Test if a patient’s blood test is positive; use of Q-VAX® Vaccine is contraindicated in this situation.1

2. PREPARE the Q-VAX® Skin Test solution1

  • DILUTE 0.5 mL of Q-VAX® Skin Test solution in 14.5 mL of sodium chloride for injection (to a final volume of 15 mL), and MIX well.

NOTE: If required, diluted Q-VAX® Skin Test solution may be stored – at 4oC – for ≤ 6 hours prior to use.

 3. INJECT the diluted Skin Test solution1

  • Administer via intradermal injection only

NOTE: DO NOT inject subcutaneously or intramuscularly.

Insert needle into volar surface of mid-forearm

Needle remains visible through the skin

Slowly inject 0.1 mL of diluted Q-VAX® Skin Test solution, until a bleb – or fluid-filled ‘blister’ – can be seen.‡1,2

It is important to have some adrenaline on hand, for use in the unlikely event that the patient has an anaphylactic reaction to the diluted Skin Test solution.1

If the diluted Q-VAX® Skin Test solution is inadvertently injected subcutaneously, and there’s therefore no ‘bleb’ formation, clinical experts usually recommend to simply repeat the procedure on the other arm.

Please note: Seqirus does not have recommendations regarding the repeated administration of Q-VAX® Skin Test solution. Seqirus does not endorse the use of Seqirus products, other than as described in the Australian Approved Product Information.1