How to interpret the blood test and skin test results

7 days after injecting Q-VAX® Skin Test solution, examine the injection site.1–3

  • A positive skin test is the appearance of any induration at the site of injection.

(Induration = Palpable, raised, hardened area or swelling)4

Decide whether to proceed with the administration of Q-VAX® vaccine.1–3

Guide to interpreting blood test and skin test results, and recommended actions

Record Keeping:

The results of a patient’s Q-VAX® screening tests, along with that patient’s current immunisation status, may be documented on a Q Fever Pre-Screening and Immunisation Record Card, available in the Resources section.

You may also submit the same details to the Australian Q fever Register (, provided you have first obtained the patient’s consent to do this; this documentation may be required for the patient to be able to undertake certain kinds of employment and it will also make things easier for the next employer or healthcare professional who might want to check that patient’s Q fever immune status.5